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What is a Destination Organization?

One of the best-kept secrets of travel is the visitors' bureau.

You may not be aware of this, but almost every community has some form of a tourism bureau made up of friendly experts whose sole job is helping people discover the incredible things that make a city, town, or region unique.

These experts aren’t trying to sell you anything, and they don’t have ulterior motives. These hospitable professionals simply want to make sure you have amazing memories of your visit in their communities.

Destination organizations also help meeting and event planners create memorable experiences for their guests. Whether you’re planning a conference, exhibition, sports tournament, or wedding, the local experts who work at destination organizations can help find the perfect venue, negotiate hotel rooms for guests, and plan exciting experiences around your event. These complimentary services help event planners save time and money and ensure that guests have a memorable experience.

The next time you travel or plan an event, be sure to seek out the visitors' bureau in your destination. They are ready to help you find unforgettable experiences and uncover the very best their community has to offer.

Destination Organizations are Also Commonly Known As:

  • Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs)
  • Destination Management Organizations DMOs)
  • Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVBs)
  • Tourism Boards

How are Destination Organizations Funded?

Destination organizations are not-for-profit organizations, which are usually funded by hotel occupancy taxes, membership dues, tourism improvement districts, and other resources. The majority of destination organizations' funding is sourced from out of town guests and not local residents.

This approach allows destination organizations to celebrate their hometown, encourage tourism, and generate more opportunities for local businesses and community members.

What Impact do Destination Organizations Have?

By encouraging visitors to travel to their communities, destination organizations help their communities prosper. Tourism builds strong local economies and supports local resources. Travellers not only stay in hotel rooms; they also frequent popular area attractions, eat in local restaurants, and shop in local stores and boutiques.

Visitor spending helps create vibrant local businesses that support the people who live and work in the community. In 2019, the Canadian travel industry supported 1.8 million jobs and generated $1.5 billion dollars in economic impact.

One in every eleven jobs in Canada is directly tied to travellers and the tourism industry supports one of the most diversified workforces in the country as a top employer of women, indigenous peoples, new Canadians, and seniors.

Where Can I Learn More About Destination Organizations?

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